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Client Work

We share our clients’ passion for innovation and for never accepting second best. At Antidote, you’ll never hear ‘that’s how we’ve always done it’! We challenge the status quo, we actively seek out new ways of working and we always aim high. 


This is reflected in the work we do, and we are proud to have delivered award-winning strategies and campaigns for businesses that are leading the digital economy. 


Don’t just take our word for it though; check out some of our success stories and testimonials. If you like what you read and think we can help your business then get in touch today.

Case Studies

Client Testimonials

“Amplify has worked with Antidote on two separate campaigns. This was the first time we had outsourced anything in this business to an external agency. The team and results were great, they understood our fairly niche, quickly developing and highly technical business in a way I've not experienced before when dealing with outside agencies across my career. The initial presentations were bang on and required little to no correction, they just "got" what our business is about, who our competitors were and what we were trying to achieve. They worked hard, showed perseverance despite setbacks and achieved fantastic results for us on both campaigns.”

Sam Bateman

CMO, Amplify

Our Clients

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