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Comms: a powerful tool for scaling businesses

Scaling businesses in the UK represent an important, and growing, area of the economy. According to government statistics, scale-ups contribute one trillion to the coffers, and have created three million jobs.

At Antidote, we've had the pleasure of working with many scale-ups and have seen first had the positive impact they can have on their local communities, by providing interesting and fulfilling roles at various levels. We also believe that it is scale-ups that are driving a new way of working; fewest, innovative companies are breaking the 9-5 day job mould and doing things differently. As these businesses grow, flexibility and employee-driven culture will become the norm.

Which is why we're personally very committed to supporting scale-up growth, especially in this difficult economic environment. So, we're delighted to have joined the Tech Advocates community! A global network of investors, mentors and some of the fastest growing technology brands out there, TA is an example of what can be achieved when an ambitious and dedicated community comes together.

With our global expertise and our Bristol roots, we will be promoting the ecosystem being created by the newest group - Tech West England Advocates. Having already hosted a series of amazing events at London Tech Week, and organised a mission trip to Hong Kong for this coming November, TWEA is off to a flying start.

Strategic communications is one of the most powerful tools a scaling company can utilise. At a certain stage of a business' lifecycle, digging into the. data to understand your customers and their drivers, creating an ethos that is carried through all your channels and embedding that into your workplace is an imperative. We've seen how transformative it can be to do this work, and love watching the pieces fall into place when we're doing it.

So, in joining the Tech Advocates community we're on our own mission to help businesses understand how data-driven communications can unlock their ongoing success and support their growth ambitions! It all starts with a simple audit; if you'd like to understand more get in touch.


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