An ideas-led approach: A genuine excitement in discovering new concepts and ideas which can be passed onto clients, the wider team and utilized at work. We ensure that learning is embedded in every day. 

Passion for the incongruous: Communications is changing and we want everyone on the team to be excited about that change. Team members are expected to look for a solution when there might not appear to be one, who can bounce back when things don’t always work out.

Ambition: To succeed and drive your own career forward as well as go over and above for clients.

Collaborator: A team player that thrives in collective success. Someone that isn’t scared to say they don’t know something or needs help – and to help others that ask for this. We are building a team that works to support each other.

Work to live: We understand that although work is a key part of everyone’s lives, it’s not everything. We want Antidotee’s to embrace the 5-9 and enjoy lives and relationships outside of the workplace.

Think like an owner: Being an independent agency allows us to have the flexibility to be nimble and achieve continuous improvement. If something can be changed for the better we want to empower everyone to have a key role in the growth of our business.


Sounds like you?  

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