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Introducing Lady MacRobert, reimagined with AI

As a data-driven comms agency, we love to challenge ourselves creatively to find ways of enhancing our campaigns with technology. This is why we embraced AI videography to kick-start the Royal Academy of Engineering's 2024 MacRobert Award campaign, which celebrates the best-in-class for UK engineering innovation.

We worked with the Academy, the MacRobert Trust and The Peeps to ensure the depiction of the late Lady Rachel MacRobert, the geologist the award was named after, was as accurate as possible, using specific AI prompts alongside archive and legacy recordings of her voice.

The end result is a video starring an AI recreation of Lady MacRobert discussing her legacy, the award and some of the incredible innovations it has recognised in its 55 years. The video was launched at the Edinburgh Science Festival and has driven media coverage of this year’s awards, including on BBC Radio 4’s Great Lives and in The Times

In just one month, it became the second-most-viewed video on the RAEng YouTube channel this year and significantly increased website traffic for the award programme.


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