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Leveraging Data for Newsjacking Success

In today's fast-paced media world, staying relevant and grabbing your audience's attention is crucial for businesses. Newsjacking, the art of seizing the momentum of trending news stories to advance your own brand’s objectives, can be a powerful method. However, with many agencies already employing this strategy, how can you distinguish yourself, craft diverse angles, and engage various target audiences? The answer lies in data.

Using Data to Enhance Your Media Presence

In a landscape filled with competition and journalist being busier than ever, businesses, often start-ups and SMEs, can find it challenging to make their stories stand out. Yet, by incorporating data into your newsjacking strategy, you can increase your chances of securing coverage and setting yourself apart.

Crafting New Angles with Data

In 2021, a survey found that only 3 out of every 100 media pitches to journalists actually get a response. To up your odds of success, ensure your story is packed with substance – data plays a crucial role. Use it to bring fresh insights to a topic or shed light on a lesser-known situation.

Moreover, data empowers you to create a distinctive viewpoint. Agencies equipped with data-driven insights can support their claims, making their narrative more trustworthy. Whether you delve deeper into a topic or introduce a completely new perspective, your unique data-driven approach will make you stand out.

Reach Diverse Target Audiences

Data isn't just about proving your point. It's versatile and can help you connect with different types of people. When you have access to data, you gain valuable insights into the preferences, interests, and behaviours of various segments within your audience. This information allows you to create content that resonates specifically with each group, addressing their unique needs and concerns.

By catering to the distinct tastes and interests of different audience segments, you enhance your Newsjacking strategy's effectiveness. You're no longer presenting a one-size-fits-all message but rather a personalised approach that speaks directly to each group.

Data Visuals in Newsjacking

To ensure your Newsjacking efforts don't go unnoticed, employ data visuals. Charts, graphs, and infographics are not only visually appealing but also simplify complex data. These visuals can effectively illustrate your data, compare results, and highlight trends, captivating your audience and reinforcing your message.

Data visuals are like attention-grabbing magnets when you're trying to get journalists to notice your story. Imagine this - more than half of them get at least 50 pitches every week, and nearly a quarter get up to 100, as found in a survey of 3,800 journalists by Cision in 2022. With data graphics, like easy-to-understand charts and pictures, your story becomes much easier for busy journalists to understand. So, if you want them to pay attention to your story in a sea of pitches, make it look good and easy to understand with visuals.

Elevating your Newsjacking Efforts with Data

In a journalist's eyes, a reliable and valid story must come from a credible source. If you consistently provide quality data-driven content, journalists are more likely to hold your business in high regard and pick up more of your content in the future.

Data-driven PR is a powerful tool that can extend your reach and credibility. By incorporating data effectively into your Newsjacking strategy, you not only stand out but also solidify your position as a trusted and valuable source in the media landscape.


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